TY. NYC. 19
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Today I met my most favorite photographer in the fucking world (besides myself) @13thwitness. No one wields a camera better than this man right here. It was an honor spending the day with him @van_styles and the other 200 or more kids that mobbed deep through the city with us camera equipped shooting anything that moved. Stirred up commotion in the streets, fucked up traffic on many occasions and had a few run ins with the police and many bikers. Worth it #StreetMeetNY
Night cruises
I blow a spliff before the ink dries on the paper 
And lately I don’t like shit, I been inside on the daily 
Getting wasted is the time that I’m spending high and sedated 

(old self portraits)
In The Field 

captured by @riccisteez 
edited by I

Exploring. Uptown. Summer 2014.
(Not my photo) but Jesus Christ, this is a beautiful fucking portrait and it’s only going to push me to step my work up
Money Is The Motive